We had so much fun at the Houston Rodeo this past Sunday. We got a cheesy free picture sent to our email and got to pick the scene we were in front of. That is why the background is green! :-) I still thought I would share it because we had such a good time! The girls had never been to a rodeo before. They both liked the bull riding! We tried fried oreos, fried twinkies and fried snicker bars. The snicker bars won hands down!!


Our PINK Trampoline! - by Ella

We have the coolest trampoline in the neighborhood, probably even in the world! My Paw-Paw spray painted it pink then put it up in our backyard while we were gone. When we saw it my sister and I screamed and raced to get on it. I think we have jumped around bajillion hours on it!!

Dress Up - by Chloe

Ella is a gypsy princess.

I am Sleeping Beauty!

We had Bible character night at church, I was Mary, Ella was an Egyptian Princess.

I am Clifford, the big red dog...I have no idea what my sister is???

Unicorn and Tiger with Wings

My Girls - by Stephanie

Easter 2011

Having fun in Galveston

Cotton candy!!

Wild Things

First night in new house - Dec. 2010


Really?? - by Roxi

Just when I get used to a house, I am moved again...and this time, the house has stairs! I am getting old, stairs are not fun, especially when the curly-headed one is trying to dress me up. Seriously people, I am going to smack someone!!


My Bear - by Chloe

This is my bear. She goes with me everywhere. I named her Rainbow Stripes when I first got her. Then I decided that I like polka dots better than stripes. So now we call her Rainbow Polka Dot Stripes. She told me that she likes that name a lot better!


Glow Sticks - by Ella

We spent the Fourth of July with Moomoo and Poppy. Mom and Dad bought us these cool glow stick wands to play with! We liked them so much we played with them even during the fireworks!